Our services

Twice a week we have a two-hour group lesson. On these lessons the experts of our company help patients to free themselves from stress, relax and reveal their hidden abilities. One lesson will cost you 20$. The experts of Heal Journey advise to attend at least three lessons.

If you are a team player, then group lessons are right up your street, but if you need an individual approach you can easily make an appointment with one of our professionals, who will help you to relax and feel yourself in element with the help of music and meditation methods. Individual lesson will cost you a little bit more, to be exact 35$, but such lessons considered to be very effective.

We can propose you one more variant, in case you are very busy person. If you don't have enough time to attend our group or individual lessons you can purchase one of our CDs and discover all benefits of music therapy right at your office or on your way home.

New Service

Nowadays, laser hair removal becomes more and more popular as this procedure allows to get rid of unwanted hair almost painlessly and for a long time. We respect the demands of our clients that is why we have decided to equip our salon with the latest groom hair removal system designed for effective hair removal on any part of the body. Find out how to remove hair permanently with the help of advanced laser system.

Other services

If you are interested in good beauty products, our specialists can help you to find the right frizzy hair shampoo, for example, or choose the best conditioner.

Your phisical and mental health can't be complete without regular trainings and excersises. Our body likes switching from brain activity to phisical one. If you think that your lifestyle is too busy to find time for fitness trainings, there are nice solutions just for you. Training software which you can download into your smartphone helps you to manage your daily plan and reminds you about your trainings. Try, for example, Wellnessliving personal trainer scheduling software and write us your impressions about it. We always want you to be healthy!

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