Principle of laser excess hair removal

Modern beauty standards prescribe a woman to cleanse her body of unwanted hair. Of course, we can say that all natural is not ugly, but the nature has made it such way that hair grows on legs or armpits. However, people rarely pay attention to what nature says. They are much concerned with what fashion dictates. And fashion claims all the ladies to remove hair from the body surface. It is easy to say remove, but how? Currently, the best method of dealing with unwanted hair is laser hair removal. Today, it is easy to obtain salon equipment for hair epilation as manufactures offer a wide spectrum of models for commercial needs.

Epilation principle consists in the fact that high intensity light beam hits the skin and is actively absorbed by melanin pigment and water. Melanin, which absorbs the light ray, is localized in the roots of hair and hair follicles. The ray of light on hair follicle is converted into heat and heats the bulb up to a temperature that it dies. Numerous clinical trials have confirmed the complete safety of laser hair removal procedure. As for the question about the pain during laser hair removal procedure and after it that interests so many women, so it depends much on individual pain threshold. Some people tolerate the procedure of laser hair removal without the use of any painkillers. In those cases when a person has a very low threshold of pain, laser hair removal is performed using local analgesics. The main advantages of laser depilation compared with other cosmetic methods include: absence of device direct contact with the skin, low level of skin injury, speed of hair removal procedure and long duration of the effect.

Modern laser units are equipped with a computer that allows the laser ray always hit right on target. Prerequisite condition for effectiveness of the procedure is the presence of a special agent that absorbs the light ray. In human skin, such agent is melanin, pigment that is contained in hair follicle and hair shaft. The darker the hair is the higher melanin content in it is. If special environment for laser ray absorption is not provided the laser ray is scattered and the hair follicle is not destroyed. Laser ray does not damage hair follicle surrounding skin tissues.

It is recommended to make 10-15 sessions of laser hair removal with one month break. You can get rid of unwanted body hair after laser hair removal completely. The procedure is almost not accompanied by pain, particularly when it is used together with skin cooling. You may notice temporary skin redness, which passes during the day after the procedure. There are some contraindications for laser hair removal - pregnancy, skin diseases, and endocrine diseases, which stimulate hair growth.

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