Psychiatric aspects of pain management and palliative care

Let us discuss the issue of palliative care that involves the highest quality of life provision for people who are faced with incurable diseases. Read more how to heal soul through healing your body.

Palliative care at home or soins palliatifs a domicile in Latin means making easy, decreasing the symptoms of the disease and pain sensations. Palliative care services are required to patients with chronic or terminal diseases at any stage of the disease. Palliative care aims to improve the health of the patients by removing, relieving and preventing the symptoms of the disease, but does not affect its course. Palliative care does not replace the treatment of disease (for example, chemotherapy for cancer, or antiretroviral therapy for HIV infection), but supplements it, providing support and relief from sufferings to terminally or mentally ill patients and their families. It includes medical, psychosocial and spiritual support to patients and their families.

In most countries, palliative care is provided along with other health services. Palliative care is provided to sick people at the end of their lives, incurable patients in both physical and mental senses, as well as their families, in order to improve the quality of their lives. Various aspects are taking into account when the course of such a care is planned: fighting with the pain, maintaining the adequate level of social and spiritual state and creation of comfortable environment. Palliative care in may be provided at home, in hospitals, in special day care centers, in boarding houses for the elderly (maisons de repos).

Teams providing home care are multidisciplinary (doctors, nurses, if necessary - psychologists, paramedics and volunteers). These teams do not interfere with the medication treatment prescribed to the patient by a doctor, but complement it. They inform about the way they fight with the pain and train family members how to provide palliative care. Other professionals and family assistants are involved, if necessary, for example kinesiotherapist. These professional brigades provide psychological and moral support to the patient and his/her family members and friends.

Monique Page sur le soins palliatifs a domicile et aide qualifie des patients gravement malades.

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