No need to quit smoking!

There are many things that people appreciate but they can also reject habits. At the same time smoking is not in vain called a bad habit: to quit smoking is not easy. Sometimes people undergo all the procedures and in vain - they return to such bad habits anyway. Is there still a hope for them? Is there any pill that will help them to stop smoking and live a healthy life? There is one! And the medicine is called an electronic cigarette. Yes, this is still a cigarette but it is harmless! Almost 100% harmless. You just light on a micro electronic cigarette and smoke a nice air that comes in and out of your lungs. You do not need to oficially quit smoking. You smoke but you do not endanger your health. You do not need to change your company - you can smoke your electronic cigarettes when your colleagues or friends are smoking the real ones. But you should convince them to turn to the harmless smoking - to ecigarettes. You should also tell them where to buy electronic cigarettes and how to handle them.

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