Depression Marihuana Treatment

Depression is also known as "common depression disorder"; it is a disease which is characterized by the constant feeling of sadness and the loss of interest to the things and actions which brought pleasure before. Scientific proofs of the fact that marihuana can be effective at depressions treatment can be easily found. Besides that reasonability of its usage is proved by the experience of many medical cannabis patients.

What is depression?

Depression is one of many mental insanity types which are connected to the mood. Such disorders influence on the life quality of the bigger part of the planet population, but still they are able to stay unnoticed. Patients suffering from depression live less than those who are not the subject of it. Besides that, such people have the inclination for suicide on 15% more.

Origins of the depressive disorders are presumably connected to low level of serotonin and dopamine, which are also neurotransmitters. Traditional treatment of this disease includes course of antidepressants which raise the level of neurotransmitters and also psychologist’s consultations. It is notable, that antidepressants which are effective for patients with acute depressions are almost useless for the patients with medium or light depressions.

How can cannabis help?

The results of the investigations held in Great Britain in 2005 showed that around 22% of patients used medical marihuana for depressions treatment. Besides the comments of the patients investigators also tell about the therapeutic role of endocannabinoid human system; they confirm that cannabis is better to smoke with the help of bongs (in case you do not need it all the time you can get a cheech glass for sale) as compared to joint smoking.

For example, the investigation held with laboratory animals showed that there is a link between the supersession of endocannabinoid system and the onset of symptoms of common depression disorder. Other investigators found out that when cannabinoid system is active it can have the same effect as antidepressants.

Terry Wood a professional endocrinologist proves positive effects of Cannabis based on the examples from his practice and information from - a company selling cheech glass for sale to those who need bongs in medical purposes.

If you want to know about the effect of marihuana on your heath, read the following article.

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