How to deal with mentally ill people

Mental illness is more difficult by the nature of its origin and methods of its healing. Medicine connects it with abnormalities of brain activity, problems of biological and chemical processes in the cells. The Church, however, sees deeper roots and causes of this state in the fall of the first people.

Mentally ill person loses critical attitude towards himself/herself and does not think adequately, feeling perfectly healthy. All this can be accompanied by various attributes, such as a sharp drop in work performance, sharp progressive change in the basic character traits, unmotivated and independent of external conditions excitability, coldness, cruelty and emotional instability.

Deceptions of vision, hearing, pathological changes in the skin, increased depression, uncontrolled influx of different ideas, until the suicide are inherent to such patients. They involuntary stop thinking logically, became prone to insomnia and other health violations, therefore they require special care and attention. Read about psychiatric aspects of palliative care.

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