About us

Music is the medicine. Since ancient times people have used music to let their hair down and get away from it all. Music reaches the body and the soul and let us overcome the resistance of protective mechanisms and mind. Human health depends on the inside harmony. Stress and other diseases indicates the lack of this harmony. While music is the expression of harmony. Scientists have repeatedly demonstrated that through music you can change the waves generated by your brain, and not only the substance of the brain, but the neuroendocrine system, which defines psycho-emotional state of the human body.Musical thinking is something that can not be expressed in words. This is the "third ear" as the "third eye". The sounds themselves are an ideas or paintings.The specialists of Heal Journey are always there to help you to pick the music, songs individually, taking into account your preferences and individual characteristics of the organism.

The main goals of Heal Journey music therapy are:

  • to normalize your biological rhythms
  • to help you relax
  • reduce the negative impact of external factors on your health

The therapeutic effect of music reveals in different ways: the emotional activation, development of interpersonal skills, the regulation of psycho-vegetative processes. The purposeful use of music changes the man's attitude to life situations.

Since 2008, Heal Journey LLC specialists give psychological support to children and adults. We have a great desire to provide our clients with professional and efficient help, that is why we keep on studying various psychological areas, analyze mistakes and admire the results. And also thanks to the reviews and feedback of our patients, we form the understanding of client's expectations.

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