Abdominoplasty: pros and cons

Abdominoplasty is highly effective and safe surgical intervention, allowing a surgeon to restore ideal proportions of abdomen and the abdominal wall normal anatomy. Abdominoplasty provides stable long-term results. Abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery that helps to get rid of flabby belly sagging, allowing pulling up and getting a flat, beautiful belly, removing dangling apron of skin and fat. This surgery restores abdominal wall tone and eventually gives a chance to highlight your sexuality. Abdominoplasty is one the most popular plastic surgeries.

It is true that abdominoplasty is a popular procedure in the field of plastic surgery. However, it doesn’t suit to everyone. Ideally, the patient, who is supposed to make abdominoplasty, must not suffer from chronic diseases that may increase the risk of complications during surgery as well as after it. Abdominoplasty is recommended in cases when a patient has lower abdomen sagging which happens after a dramatic weight loss, liposuction and after pregnancy period and childbirth. In addition, abdominoplasty is performed immediately after liposuction in order to improve liposuction results. If abdominoplasty is not performed after liposuction, abdominal skin will hang down after surgery. In addition, abdominoplasty is recommended when hanging and flabby belly is a consequence of the aging process. In this case, muscles and skin have lost their tone and elasticity.

The downside of abdominoplasty is a scar remaining on the abdomen above the pubic area. However, it is usually almost invisible because it is located in natural skin fold and is hidden under clothes. Abdominoplasty is undesirable to patients who plan future pregnancies and child births as the effect of this surgery is simply reducing to zero. Therefore, it is better to restore to this cosmetic procedure if you have no plans for pregnancy and childbearing. Moreover, in such case, the second abdominoplasty surgery may be problematic and does not give the same effect as previous one.

Abdominoplasty is a surgery, so there is some inherent risk of certain complications. Such abdominoplasty complications can be mentioned as: anesthetic risk, infectious complications like inflammation or pus in the wound, bleeding and hematoma at the wound area, accumulation of serous fluid in the wound (seroma), thrombosis of the deep legs veins (in a case of long bed rest), congestive pneumonia (in a case of long bed rest), slow wound healing (for smokers or patients with diabetes), numbness of belly in wound area resulting from nerve fibers crossing (this effect vanishes after some time period), discoloration of skin and asymmetry in the abdomen. Specialists from healjourney.com believe that abdominoplasty can really improve person life if other methods are helpless. If depression after surgery has occurred alternative medicine is of great help.

Debora Wilson for healjourney.com with the assistance from http://www.redrapage-ventre-montreal.com/en/index.html - Montreal leading center providing liposuction and abdominoplasty services.

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